Future proof your video supply chain

Acquire. Transform. Distribute.

M2A CONNECT is a simple to use, feature rich product for scalable video aggregation and distribution of live streams in AWS.  

It serves content owners, broadcasters and OTT platforms facing the complexity of acquiring, aggregating or distributing large numbers of video feeds. This allows you to focus on broadcast operations while leaving the complex set up and management of Cloud IP workflows to M2A CONNECT. 


Whether your viewers are in Tokyo or Toronto, London or Lagos, be sure to serve them relevant content. Localise your broadcast feeds in M2A CONNECT to allow takers access to selected events, audio tracks, feed formats or graphic overlays suitable to their territories.

Harness the power of the cloud to deliver more feeds than ever using M2A CONNECT increasing viewer engagement and creating the best possible broadcast experience.  

Set up and secure events with M2A Media Operations hypercare. 

Opt for eyes-on-glass monitoring to assure faultless end-to-end transmission and ensure your live events are broadcast seamlessly.

Direct and on-demand cloud-based frame rate conversion orchestrated within M2A CONNECT to transform your video feeds between standards.

All without the need for expensive upfront investments or overscaling on-premise hardware-based capabilities.

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Key Features


Intuitive console and API to manage sources, schedules, subscribers, entitlements and feed transformations. M2A CONNECT orchestrates and integrates AWS MediaConnect, MediaLive and MediaPackage without the need for manual intervention.



Improve regional revenue by adding localised commentary, watermarks, BUGs, pre/post roll promos, content packages, archives and time-delayed feed.


Comprehensive monitoring of AWS Media Services with proxy viewing, realtime and historic video metrics.


Available with M2A Operation’s best-in-class 24/7 support to set up and secure events and enable last minute changes. 


Easily switch and select multiple live video feeds between two or more organisations through the Routing feature – perfect for complex international multi-feed live event environments.


Streamline your workflow by enabling M2A CONNECT | Frame Rate Conversion to transform your feeds between frame rates – without needing to invest in expensive dedicated kit.


To learn how you can take advantage of the scale and versatility of public cloud using M2A Connect, fill in a form and one of the team will get in touch.