Working together to affect change


Our Potential To Make A Difference

At M2A Media we are committed to playing our part in realising a better, more sustainable future. Through a greater understanding of our impact, establishing sustainability goals, right-sizing workloads and efficient design we are on track to become a net zero organisation by 2026.


Our Corporate Actions

M2A Media has an established Sustainability Steering Committee, comprising representatives from business operations, product development, finance and communications. The Committee tracks, records and reports on the company’s carbon impact across all functions, so as to provide a benchmark for continuous improvement and to ensure corporate actions meet sustainability targets.

Our Sustainability Goals

M2A Media aims to be a carbon-neutral organisation by 2026, via strict adherence to our sustainable procurement policy, carbon offsetting and product efficiencies. We seek to continually improve our efficiency in the cloud by 20% year-on-year. We aim to have implemented our sustainable procurement and environmental policies by January 2023, and will continue to track our energy consumption and carbon footprint across the organisation, measuring progress year-on-year.

Learn more

If you would like a copy of M2A Media’s Sustainability and Environmental Policy and Annual Carbon Footprint Report, please get in touch via this form and one of the team will get back to you.