M2A Media Announces Launch Of M2A CONNECT on

AWS Marketplace

M2A Media’s live video IP transport product, M2A CONNECT, is now available for the Media & Entertainment industry to licence directly from AWS Marketplace

London, 20 October 2021:  Building on its existing relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), M2A Media, innovators in cloud-based video solutions, today announced that its live video transport product, M2A CONNECT, is now available on AWS Marketplace.  The availability of M2A CONNECT on AWS Marketplace will make it easier for customers to licence and use M2A CONNECT in a more seamless manner via their existing or new AWS account.

M2A CONNECT is a simple to use, feature rich product for scalable video aggregation and distribution of live video streams. It enables media organisations to easily transport live video signals across the AWS Cloud global network. Live feeds can be acquired from source and pushed to air or distributed from rights owners to affiliates. Transporting video through public cloud lowers cost and adds agility and innovation.

Say goodbye to the pain of hitting bandwidth capacity moments before a live event or hurriedly extending costly satellite space by phone and say hello to harnessing the inherent flexibility of the AWS Cloud. M2A CONNECT allows broadcasters and content owners to tune capacity on-demand, add or remove redundancy, change feed routing rapidly and more through M2A’s API or the intuitive M2A Console.

Integrated within the product, M2A CONNECT | Cloud Frame Rate Converter, enables live, motion-compensated frame rate conversion in the Cloud on a pay-as-you-go basis, while M2A CAPTURE creates frame-accurate, digital assets from live SD, HD and 4K video, allowing viewers access to content on-demand rapidly after transmission.

M2A CONNECT also makes broadcast operations more responsive to viewer’s demands, tailoring resources by the minute and reducing spend and waste.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for organizations to discover, procure, entitle, provision, and govern third-party software. 

Marina Kalkanis, CEO, M2A Media, said, “M2A CONNECT is helping global broadcasters and content owners simplify and future-proof their video transport while leveraging AWS Cloud   therefore launching M2A CONNECT on AWS Marketplace was a natural next step.  It will allow customers to licence our products and services via their own AWS accounts, speeding up on-boarding processes so that they can reap the value and benefits of M2A CONNECT more quickly and easily.”

To learn more about M2A CONNECT on AWS Marketplace click here  

To learn more about M2A CONNECT click here  


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