M2A CONNECT serves content owners, broadcasters and OTT platforms that face the complexity of acquiring, aggregating or distributing large numbers of video feeds. This allows you to focus on broadcast operations while leaving the complex set up and management of Cloud IP workflows to M2A CONNECT.

Core Features

AWS Media Services automation


Return control to your operations teams and free up the time of your best engineers with M2A CONNECT’s advanced automation of the AWS Cloud.

M2A Console


Control AWS Media Services within a few taps and clicks – without the manual configuration of alternate solutions.

Event Scheduler


Schedule new events i​​n an EPG-like environment to automatically start, amend and stop AWS Media Services. This ensures that your AWS Media Services are established exactly when and where you need them without overrun. 

Routing and switching


Easily manage, acquire, and distribute all available video feeds from source to destination within the Routing feature of M2A CONNECT. Provides switching capabilities within a single screen for legible understanding of the content flow throughout broadcast workflow. 



Keep tabs on all your feeds with in-built feed health monitoring and proxy multiviewer directly integrated into the M2A Console giving your operators greater peace of mind. 

Source-based routing


Distribute live content to global takers in the AWS Cloud on a source-by-source basis within M2A CONNECT.  Suitable for use cases where there is a limited and uncomplicated set of rights packages.

API Integration


Utilise our RESTful API to integrate M2A CONNECT with your existing systems allowing you to further streamline your broadcast workflows in the cloud. 

Add ons



Record high quality live streams from M2A CONNECT feeds for tailored digital assets to deploy for VOD services or for archiving and regulatory compliance. Captured feeds are outputted to AWS S3 storage as high quality, frame accurate video files for later use streamlining the acquisition, distribution and capture workflow. 


Using EBAM, broadcasters can now design powerful, multi-layered advertising strategies. Via a combination of Event Signaling and Management (ESAM) and the Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS), M2A’s EBAM feature handles SCTE-35 and SCTE-224 messaging to insert advertising content at the encoder side of a live video workflow.



Direct and on-demand cloud-based frame rate conversion orchestrated within M2A CONNECT to transform your video feeds between standards. All without the need for expensive upfront investments or overscaling on-premise hardware-based capabilities.



Distribute live content to your takers based on event metadata enabling more dynamic and flexible delivery. Suitable for rights owners with complex rights packages who require greater automation of processes to simplify the distribution process.


Deploy M2A CONNECT with the highest resilience for ultra-reliable service and to support your premium content acquisition and distribution. The design of our architecture enables dependable, broadcast grade video delivery in the AWS Cloud – with multiple levels of resilience available to suit your use case. 



Set up and secure your events. Opt for eyes-on-glass, hypercare monitoring to assure faultless end-to-end transmission and ensure your live events are broadcast seamlessly.

Don’t take our word for it, we’re trusted by global broadcasters and rights owners.

“When Spark Sport launched, its ambition was to revitalise sports delivery in New Zealand. M2A Media is the perfect partner with the perfect solution to do just that. As a smart orchestration layer on top of AWS Media Services, M2A CONNECT is helping us future proof our broadcast operations.”

Andrew Martin, Operations Lead, Spark Sport NZ

“We’re grateful to the M2A Media team for its excellent support during the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The communication and collaboration between our two teams worked fantastically well. Equally, our joint investment prior to the event, to apply upgrades to the service made an incredible difference”

Andy Bell, Chief Engineer, Channel 4


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