The New M2A Capture Has Landed

This article was written by M2A Media’s Product Marketing Manager, Callum Elsdon.

M2A Media’s video experts have been innovating live-to-VOD video solutions since 2006 – that’s the live streaming equivalent of the dawn of time.  Working with our broadcast and OTT customers, we have been instrumental in the evolution of late and live technologies and have played our part in the development of what was once an ancillary service to live streaming to something that is now embedded in modern viewing habits.   These days catch-up and rewind are a big part of what audiences have grown to expect.  Whether it’s “pausing to answer the door”, or “watch from the beginning” functionality, the live-to-VOD experience now sits squarely within the audience’s demands from the live linear world.

With this in mind, we are excited to share news of the latest evolution to our critically acclaimed live-to-VOD product, M2A CAPTURE.

Now fully integrated with M2A CONNECT, our flexible, scalable stream hub, M2A CAPTURE enables broadcasters to centralise and control essential live video workflows. This opens up untapped potential for their live content beyond its first broadcast all within a streamlined and automated console experience, while maintaining the core product capabilities M2A CAPTURE customers have come to love.

M2A CAPTURE creates frame-accurate, digital assets from live SD, HD and 4K video, allowing viewers access to your content on-demand rapidly after transmission  Assets are delivered in any number of profiles and formats. This ensures content is available to view on the full range of devices that audiences use to consume their favourite shows, news and sports programmes. 

Added product functionality, including fully searchable metadata and indexes, means that M2A CAPTURE now allows broadcasters to retain incoming and outgoing material more easily, extending the value of content long after transmission. Whether building archives or holding transmitted output for regulatory compliance, M2A CAPTURE ensures archiving and regulatory requirements are met with ease and speed. 

The feature enhanced M2A CAPTURE guarantees no degradation in video quality, as, through the innovative use of AWS S3 storage, raw transport streams are captured and stored at source. Trimming is frame accurate and the SCTE markers can be inserted directly from playout. These new features will allow customers extensive options for the automation of asset capture and creation, plus enable the stitching of ads into post-live VOD files. 

The new M2A CAPTURE has landed and brings with it untold potential for live video workflows.  To learn more about the product’s newest features, download our latest product sheet here or get in touch to chat with one of the team today!



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