Sony Crackle extends VOD Workflow contract with M2A Media

US streaming service, Sony Crackle, extends partnership with M2A Media following successful fulfilment of initial VOD Workflow contract

M2A Media, leading experts in cloud video solutions, today announced that they have extended their partnership with US ad-supported streaming network, Sony Crackle, to provide VOD Workflow services for a further 12 months.

M2A Media’s original contract to provide Sony Crackle with a comprehensive VOD packaging solution, resulted in the fulfilment of 49,800 static package deliveries across 2018, with support level guaranteed delivery of HLS FairPlay, DASH PlayReady and non-encrypted packages for network distribution across Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.

The focus for the newly agreed 2019 contract will again be on HLS FairPlay and DASH PlayReady and will replicate the 2018 scope of works.

Guy Taylor, head of account management for M2A Media, said, “We have greatly enjoyed working with Sony Crackle over the past year to provide an effective VOD Workflow solution that meets their exacting requirements.  

“Bespoke business logic is required to ensure easy integration with a client’s existing systems and we are delighted to have tailored our VOD Workflow solution so effectively, that Sony Crackle has requested a 12-month contract extension.”

Sony Crackle opted for a tailored version of M2A Media’s best-in-class VOD Workflow solution, which can seamlessly ingest, prepare, subtitle, package and deliver VOD content to existing and new platforms including Public Cloud storage.  

Additionally, VOD Workflow can also move stored content from AWS S3 to Glacier at an appropriate workflow trigger point. Content can then be manually recalled to S3 from Glacier or is automatically recalled when a workflow requiring that content is triggered. VOD Workflow runs in AWS Cloud with simple RESTful APIs, messaging, web consoles and guaranteed SLAs, making it easy to integrate and exceptional value.

The Sony Crackle network offers free and paid for video entertainment across all major devices, desktop, mobile and tablet, including PS4, PS3, Playstation TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Rokuy, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Sony Blu-Ray players, Samsung Blu-Ray players, and several brands of TVs.