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Transform your live content into VOD assets in a matter of minutes - even for shows of many hours duration.

Use the power and scalability of the cloud to create high quality, frame accurately trimmed, digital assets from live SD, HD and even 4K content, allowing your viewers access to your content via a full range of devices.

Quick Turnaround

  • Multi-hour programmes are available as VOD within minutes of transmission end.

Seamless Integration

  • Integration with your existing workflows is easy using our simple yet comprehensive RESTful API and web console interface.

Enhanced Resilience

  • Deployed to multiple AWS availability zones in a single region by default, Live Capture can optionally be deployed active/active across two AWS regions for enhanced resilience.


  • Running in Mezzanine to VOD mode our real-time transcoder can produce virtually any format and profile in real time.

Anytime, Anywhere

  • Edit and log live video anywhere, anytime. No special video formats needed; just provide a live HTTP stream and Live Capture facilitates trimming in the cloud. Edits and logs are frame-accurate.

Stich & Add

  • Stitch in ads, idents and stings. Add in logos and DOGS. Live Capture can source ad inventory and branding content from our MAM or directly from your S3 buckets.


  • Our Live Capture service offers unlimited video storage and integrates with a cloud MAM for complete asset management and workflow.

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  • “After a successful proof of concept, ITV chose M2A Media to move its Late & Live workflow into the cloud."
    “The ability to replace the original adverts in live programmes, combined with the need for seamless joins and accelerated encoding with fast turnaround made this platform a great fit for ITV’s needs. Partnering with M2A Media to evolve the product features has resulted in a market-leading solution.”

    Andrew Burnett, Director of Online Technology & Operations
  • "M2A Media's Live Streaming and Live Capture services are helping us deliver a core experience that is integral to the quality of service we deliver to our subscribers across the globe."

    Dom Wedgwood - DAZN & Group Director of Broadcast & Technology, Perform Group
  • "M2A Media’s Live To VoD solution, integrated with Channel 4 systems, has enabled Channel 4 viewers to access Formula 1 programming on our All 4 services, within a short period of time post transmission."
    "Against a very tight deadline, M2A Media has delivered a robust solution, giving Channel 4 the flexibility to meet our viewers expectations to be able to watch the popular sport on-demand soon after broadcast.”

    Andy Bell, C4

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