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Learn how Spark Sport uses M2A Connect & AWS Media Services to add resilience to the transport of its live sports events

Tune in on Thursday 06 May to hear  M2A Media‘s Simon Harrison,  Spark Sport‘s Andrew Martin and  AWS Elemental, an Amazon Web Services Company, Mike Ellis discuss how Spark Sport adds inter-regional resilience to the transport of its valuable live sports events, while also leveraging M2A Connect automation to both optimise AWS cloud infrastructure and to simplify operational setup.


On-Demand Webinars


Demuxed 2020

M2A Media’s Technical Architect, Nigel Harniman, was invited to speak at Demuxed 2020. Nigel’s talk focused on dynamic content insertion into live streams across 3 main streaming formats, and yes, that includes MSS and single Period DASH! 



M2A Media’s Head of Product, Simon Harrison, enjoyed an in-depth discussion with other industry experts during SVG Europe’s FutureSPORT event. 

Speaking during the Contribution and Distribution session, Simon and fellow panelists discussed current challenges and opportunities in this space, and how they see the market evolving as we witness increased use of Cloud IP for the transport of live video.



M2A Media joined industry innovators at DPP Innovation Week.  

In our three-minute pitch we explained how M2A VOD simplifies syndication workflows for SVOD platforms using AWS Step Functions.

Not to be missed, the event is available to view on demand for all DPP members and interested parties.


Simplicity at scale: using M2A CONNECT and the AWS Cloud to reliably and securely transport live video 

M2A Media and AWS Elemental came together for a live webinar to learn how next generation media service, M2A CONNECT, transports broadcast quality live video via the AWS Cloud.

The webinar includes a panel discussion about how M2A Media and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are changing the landscape of live video transportation, followed by a demo of the M2A CONNECT service.

Just launched, M2A CONNECT enables rights owners and broadcasters to revolutionise their video transport through the power of AWS MediaConnect. Learn how your organisarion can benefit from the unlimited scale of AWS Cloud and the software-driven flexibility and broadcast grade monitoring of M2A CONNECT. All this at a better price point compared to traditional distribution technologies.

Due to COVID-19 M2A Media will not be attending events in person for the near future.