M2A Media and Panasonic Connect Align to Advance Remote Production in the Cloud 

LONDON — September, 11 2023 — In a move to simplify the technical and operational complexities associated with remote production, leading experts in cloud-based live video solutions, M2A Media and audio visual specialists, Panasonic Connect, have announced a strategic collaboration. 

Through an integration with Panasonic Connect’s KAIROS advanced remote production capabilities and M2A CONNECT’s acquisition, automation and distribution functionality, broadcasters and rights holders can now access a one-stop solution for remote production and distribution.

This no-compromise software solution is easily deployed via M2A CONNECT, offloading low level technical configuration through intuitive user interfaces and repeatable automations.  Acquiring multiple raw ISO feeds and mixing down to a fully productionised feed can now be easily configured by a broadcast operations team.  Broadcasters and rights holders can easily deploy their remote production suites in the same geographic region of the event/production. This approach provides latency and reliability benefits over complicated hybrid remote production architectures.

Panasonic KAIROS offers a fully featured remote production suite enabling operators to perform complex layering, mixing, switching and scaling in real time. Complicated audio mixing can also be easily performed via this powerful system. 

M2A CONNECT is a fully featured orchestration tool for scheduling the acquisition and distribution, routing, and monitoring of live, broadcast-quality video using the AWS global network.

Both Panasonic KAIROS and M2A CONNECT have open RESTful APIs making integration and automation with other software and hardware vendors a breeze. 

Toshiyuki Yabu, Senior Solutions Planning Manager, Panasonic Connect, said: “Panasonic KAIROS is a next gen live video production platform that takes the current video mixing and switching to the next level. This new integration with M2A CONNECT responds to the needs of broadcasters and rights-owners who want to ensure a seamless end-to-end workflow that can also deal with the complex distribution challenges of an OTT offering.”  

Matt Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer, M2A Media, added: “This collaboration signifies a step change in remote production, making it easier to perform complex technical broadcast operations in the Cloud.  Broadcasters and sports rights owners looking to maximize the value of their content will greatly benefit from the speed to market and operational ease that this latest integration affords.”


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