Meet evolving viewer demands with the M2A Media Live Capture Console

As an increasing number of viewers choose to watch media online, broadcasters and content owners are under ever greater pressure to adapt their services to meet the fast evolving expectations of their customers.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the consumption of live content. Customers now insist on the highest levels of live streaming quality and stability and, if they can’t watch the event live, they expect it to be available in its entirety on their VOD service within minutes of the event finishing. This is particularly the case for live sport, which is highly perishable content. Demand for any post-live sport event significantly drops away within a few hours of the match or game finishing; quick turnaround for this type of content is imperative but can prove challenging for content owners.

Meet M2A Media’s Live Capture Console

Our Live Capture Console is proving to be the solution of choice for major broadcasters worldwide.  Specifically designed to meet the need for quick turnaround live output, it boasts a set of features and capabilities that enable accurate editing and rapid delivery of live content to VOD platforms. With the ability to take in a live stream in a variety of formats (DASH, HLS) and bit rates of up to 100mbps, Live Capture is a scalable and fully resilient cloud-based service, leveraging the power and flexibility of the AWS cloud.

Using M2A’s Live Capture Console, content operators are now able to select and view a live stream via its web-based interface. And within the Console we have developed an extensive set of features to specifically enable edits to live content. These provide a content operator with a range of functionalities similar to those found in any Non-Linear Editing system.

Edit at a frame accurate level

M2A Media’s Live Capture Console allows an operator to scrub back and forth across a live programme or jump to a specific point in time (a live origin can be configured to provide a rewind window as a factor of hours or days, depending on the needs of the client). Operators can also find and mark desired In & Out points and have the capability to trim their edit at a frame accurate level. Edited segments or assets can be created whilst the live programme is in transmission, enabling on-the-fly removal of ad breaks and facilitating the rapid turnaround of ad stitched VOD assets for post-transmission delivery.

Reduce regulatory risk

The Console has also been carefully designed to reduce regulatory risk around live content, with a dedicated Compliance Editing functionality. Compliance Editing enables a content operator to sub-clip an edited segment and quickly remove any contentious material prior to its onward delivery.

Greater commercial advantage and integration

Frame accurate assets can be transcoded into a wide array of profiles and packaged with any DRM that may be required. Asset delivery SLAs for Live Capture can be offered at a minute level, significantly reducing the turnaround time for VOD deliveries, thereby enabling broadcasters and content owners greater commercial advantage and increased viewer satisfaction.

In addition to the set of web-based editing features, the Console can also be used with a ShuttlePro edit controller, further improving productivity and speed of delivery.

Lastly, an important capability of M2A Media’s Live Capture Console is its potential to be integrated with scheduling and automations systems, allowing for the ingest of programme and schedule metadata. This drives increased layers of automation, with the automated creation of assets based on schedule data.  

If you are a content owner struggling with the delivery of live output to your VOD platforms and syndication partners, M2A’s Live Capture product will give you a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive sector.

Contact me, Guy Taylor, to learn more about this product. Alternatively, if you’re heading to Dubai for #CABSAT18 this week and would like to meet with M2A’s Marina Kalkanis and Marcus Box, get in touch here.