• Leon Box
    Open Source Software Adoption – Size vs Speed How is it that smaller companies move fast and innovate quicker than large firms?  In this blog we form a balanced view from each perspective and draw out some key comparison points with respect to using open-source software. Comparison On one side we have our large investment bank, let’s say they have 76k employees with 38k employees in technology aligned roles. On the other side, we have
  • Lizzie Lawrence
    Key New Hires for M2A Media As it Bolsters its Team of Cloud Video Experts M2A Media is growing.  As we enhance our global live streaming and cloud video products we welcome the following new faces to the team. Nigel Harniman, Solutions Architect Nigel Harniman has over 20 years experience in the web and digital space as developer, analyst, architect and team leader in startup, mid-sized and large company environments. He joins from Brightcove where
  • Lizzie Lawrence
    re:Invent 2019: M2A Media At Large in Las Vegas This year senior developer, Henry Rojas and developer, Sam Bagnall from M2A Media made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2019. A feature in any cloud developer’s calendar, AWS re:Invent promises keynote announcements, training and access to more than 2,500 technical sessions, not to mention a plethora of after-hours events and activities. So, did it live up to expectations?  Was it worth the 11-hour
  • Valentijn Siebrands
    The Challenges of Deploying Apple’s LL HLS in Real Life About four years ago an Australian telco acquired the rights to the English Premier League. This was the first time that Australia was to experience the distribution of a major league game on a pure OTT only platform. During the launch and for a long time after it, the telco experienced numerous tech problems and complaints about its service and the viewers’ experiences. Most of
  • Guy Taylor
    We’ll be IBC’ing you again next year! Firstly, a disclaimer. If you’re looking for some seasoned technical insights from this year’s IBC, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint. On this occasion, at least, it will be for a good reason… Given the luxury of time, I would have toured the halls, ventured onto stands for ad hoc conversations with industry peers, sought out innovation and gathered intel on the latest technological acronmyn sweeping our industry.

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