• Hamish Muiry
    Operational efficiency and software-driven localisation in a post-COVID world This article was written by Hamish Muiry, Head Of Sales, M2A Media. Around six months ago I was talking about the shifting sands of broadcast distribution from satellite to cloud IP, and how sports rights owners were taking ownership of their distribution models for more granular and localised output. Six months is a long time in cloud technology. Fast forward to today and I’d like to
  • Matt Dellowe
    M2A Operations: Locked Down But Not Out This article was written by Matt Dellowe, Head of Operations, M2A Media. A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog about the role our Media Operators play in delivering high profile news, TV shows and live sporting events to our clients’ customers around the world over the Christmas season.  While most of us are tucking into our turkeys and nursing sore heads from the festivities M2A Media
  • Harry McCombe
    Server-side Dynamic Content Insertion: the journey continues… M2A Media was honoured to speak at Demuxed this year, arguably the highlight of the annual video engineer conference calendar. Our Technical Architect, Nigel Harniman, took on the task of composing and delivering a talk covering M2A’s very latest work in delivering server-side Dynamic Content Insertion into live streams across the three main streaming formats – with emphasis on MSS and single Period DASH. In this latest article
  • Harry McCombe
    M2A VOD Wins the Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice Award for Best Cloud Encoding/Transcoding We are proud to announce that M2A VOD has won the Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice Awards for Cloud Encoding / Transcoding. This year’s 12 annual awards saw voters cast over 6,000 votes across 15 categories, with nearly 200 products being nominated overall. M2A VOD simplifies cloud workflows for global broadcasters, offering syndication-as-a-service into third-party platforms, such as Amazon Channels and
  • spark-sport-case-study-cover
    Hamish Muiry
    The Evolution Of Sports Distribution This article was written by Hamish Muiry, Head Of Sales, M2A Media. I’ve been in sports TV and cloud technology for a relatively short span, but I do remember the arrival of the cloud and the general vibe of mistrust at something new, something other. I remember the IT director’s concern at not being able to see server lights blinking at them. Fast forward seven years: Things continue to evolve,

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