M2A Server Side Ad Insertion

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M2A SSAI for Live Streaming produces continuous bitstreams that include dynamic regionalised ad segments which will play out on all devices undetected by ad blockers.


  • Enriching the audience experience, M2A SSAI allows broadcasters greater scope for the localisation of output. Targeted promos, captions and audio tracks can be delivered to specific regions based either on scheduled playlists or from dynamic calls to Ad Decision Services, to ensure the viewer is only seeing directly relevant content.


  • Deployed server-side, M2A SSAI insures against lost advertising revenue. By embedding adverts into a content stream at the encoding stage so that they form part of the file itself, ad-blocker software is unable to detect adverts over other content.


  • By integrating with Ad Decisions Systems like Google Ad Manager, our solution can also offer personalised streams with adverts targeted to individual customers. M2A SSAI registers campaign content with Google Ad Manager and conditions live streams ready for personalised ad insertion.


  • By leveraging a single channel for distribution to multiple territories, M2A SSAI allows the insertion of regionally specific elements (promos, language tracks and captions) into a single stream, thereby negating the need and cost for discrete streams per territory – multiple territories can be served from a single produced source stream.

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