Live stream at scale to global audiences

Scalable and smart, M2A LIVE provides some of the world’s largest sports broadcasters with highly reliable, low latency, highest quality live streams across a huge number of devices.

Key features

SCALABLE: Dynamic autoscaling can meet spikes in demand from hundreds to millions of viewers without impacting QOS

LOW LATENCY: Careful tuning in each step of the chain delivers better than DTB latency

HIGH QUALITY: Full HD 1080p60, h.264 optimisation HEVC HDR live streaming at 1080p

LOCALISE: Integrate with Server Side Dynamic Content Insertion and serve customised content – adverts, promos, subtitles or audio – to audiences globally

“M2A provides the expertise and support required to develop state of the art OTT streaming features which power the DAZN platform. M2A’s innovative approach to problems allowed us to innovate faster and with more tangible results. As experts in streaming technology, they have contributed to future streaming specification which will allow DAZN to offer new features to customers and stay one step ahead of the industry.”  

Janusz Szalapata, Head of Product – Playback, DAZN

Let your audience view content how, when and where they choose 

Add events and territories to your live schedule at an affordable cost by using M2A LIVE orchestration to manage resources

Guarantee viewer satifaction with fully end-to-end, resilient live workflows and five 9s SLA

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