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Our scalable and smart Live Streaming service provides some of the world’s largest sports broadcasters with highly reliable, low latency, highest quality live streams across a huge number of devices

Resilient & Scalable

  • Full redundancy along the length of the workflow guarantees live streams are highly available
  • Dynamic autoscaling ensures the service will meet spikes in demand without impact on QOS
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity services


Flexible & Dynamic

  • Product of choice for a range of content owners, from global broadcasters publishing thousands of live events every month, to occasional-use publishers with ad-hoc live events
  • Alongside M2A’s API, our Live Streaming Console allows operators to schedule forthcoming live events, select profiles, start and stop streams, and extend event duration even after it has started

Safe & Sound

  • Built from the ground up in AWS Cloud, where security is of the highest priority, our Live Streaming solution adheres to AWS security best practices
  • Guaranteed QOS via 24/7 operations with full MCR support

Highest Quality & Lowest Latency

  • Full HD 1080p60, h.264 optimisation, HEVC, HDR live streaming at 1080p
  • Careful tuning of each step in the chain offers broadcast levels of latency, under the 30-second industry standard

Localisation & Accessibility

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  • “After a successful proof of concept, ITV chose M2A Media to move its Late & Live workflow into the cloud."
    “The ability to replace the original adverts in live programmes, combined with the need for seamless joins and accelerated encoding with fast turnaround made this platform a great fit for ITV’s needs. Partnering with M2A Media to evolve the product features has resulted in a market-leading solution.”

    Andrew Burnett, Director of Online Technology & Operations
  • "M2A Media's Live Streaming and Live Capture services are helping us deliver a core experience that is integral to the quality of service we deliver to our subscribers across the globe."

    Dom Wedgwood - DAZN & Group Director of Broadcast & Technology, Perform Group
  • "M2A Media’s Live To VoD solution, integrated with Channel 4 systems, has enabled Channel 4 viewers to access Formula 1 programming on our All 4 services, within a short period of time post transmission."
    "Against a very tight deadline, M2A Media has delivered a robust solution, giving Channel 4 the flexibility to meet our viewers expectations to be able to watch the popular sport on-demand soon after broadcast.”

    Andy Bell, C4

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