On Monday AWS announced AWS Elemental Media Services, an integrated suite of services for creating reliable, flexible, and scalable video solutions in the cloud. M2A Media was very proud to be have been asked by AWS to trial these products ahead of their launch. Having gained an advance look, we are very excited about this new offering and pleased to be included in the announcements from AWS.

With the release of AWS Elemental Media Services the potential for migrating broad-quality live video workflows into the cloud becomes even easier. From the outset we’ve been keen proponents of using cloud, not only to avoid wasted investment in infrastructure, but because cloud solutions offer the flexibility that allows video industry players to stay ahead of the game.

We like the cloud because of the freedom it offers. No longer do we have releases blocked by lack of infrastructure, lack of dependencies, or lack of testing. We can automate everything from infrastructure to testing to deploying to monitoring and alerting. We like the paradigms of cloud computing; microservices, serverless architecture, loose coupling, messaging. It means we never have to stick with a solution we aren’t completely happy with. Nor do we leave things alone for fear of what a change might break.

We’re looking forward to the new solutions we can build with AWS Elemental Media Services. Once your video enters the cloud the possibilities for what you might do with it become almost limitless.

We know Live Event Streaming is a growth area online and cloud is a natural home for this. With HTML5, with end-to-end IP production, with new and cheaper ways of generating and gathering live video, and with all of the associated audience engagements, the innovation in Live Streaming is exploding. Cloud solutions are ideal for publishing live events and allow publishers to deliver immediacy and innovation for a live event with the quality of a 24/7 broadcast channel.

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